Real-time monitoring and management of People, Places, Things (IoT) & Energy®





Intellilum - Intelligent Luminaires


Big Data

Cloud-based Software & Analytics

Monitor & Manage in Real-Time Data / Telemetry

Integrated Sensors & Controls

Reduce Energy and Operational Costs

Track in Real-time People & Assets

Occupancy Mapping
Graphical Intensity

Cloud-Based Software

A comprehensive flexible solution:

SmartNET LED® A network of granular sensors and controls with on-board logic integrated into high performance commercial LED lighting products (see photo).
SmartNET UNIVERSAL® A secure wireless sensor kit mounted in a separate housing in the ceiling.

Real-time environmental data on People, Places, Things & EnergyTM

People: Occupancy counts, attendance, location and more.
Places: Utilization of space, wireless work orders, mapping and more.
Things: Central data collection and management of Internet of Things (IoT) data.
Energy: Real-time tracking and management of energy and savings.

Sensors & Controls

Real-Time Sensors

Real-time Sensors with Secure WiFi

Industry Defining Integrated Intelligence Technology

Intellilum’s advanced integrated intelligence technology goes beyond lighting management functionality to provide an unparalleled smart lighting and building management system.


High-Performance LEDs

Identical, high performance fixture | Multiple Installation Options

The QuickLED® luminaire, engineered to fit all standard sizes – 2 x 4, 2 x 2 and 1 x 4 is the standard component used in all of Intellilum’s new and retrofit series fixtures.

New QuickLED® Fixture

  • Suspended Ceiling, Surface, Pendant or Cable Mount options
  • Pairs QuickLED® fixtures with Intellilum’s new fixture troffer
  • Intellilum® SMART LIGHT System – Upgradeable Fixture

Retrofit QuickLED® Fixture

  • One piece universal retrofit kit with safety cables
  • Installation below ceiling and existing troffer
  • Intellilum® SMART LIGHT System – Upgradeable Fixture

Standard Commercial Sizing

QuickLED® fixtures, both new and retrofit are available in all standard sizes – 2×4, 2×2 and 1×4.




Installation Video

Below the Ceiling Installation. Easy Access. Fully Code Compliant

The QuickLED® retrofit fixture has been designed to meet or exceed all current energy and building code requirements. All work takes place below the ceiling. No ceiling tiles are lifted and the existing troffer is undisturbed, resulting in an installation that requires no additional code upgrades along with their associated costs.


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