Intellilum® designs, produces and markets high performance commercial-grade LED light fixtures in both new and retrofit series with on-board sensors, controls, logic, wireless communication systems and other accessories to optimize illumination and minimize energy.

Intellilum® solutions are tailored to the needs of architects, engineers, lighting designers, contractors, and ultimately the clients we all serve. Our solutions address industry issues. Among our many innovations the one-piece “Snap-In” retrofit kit is perhaps the easiest and fastest installation of all the LED retrofit kits.

Intellilum® offers all the standard commercial fixture sizes and we have both retrofit and new fixture in all these standard sizes. Intellilum® clients can standardize and establish a comprehensive LED solution in their new and/or retrofit projects.

Intellilum® proudly designs, manufactures and sells the Intellilum® fixtures and control systems in the USA. All manufacturing is in Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV.