QuickLED® retrofit LED light fixtures upgrade outdated 1×4 fluorescent fixtures.

The QuickLED® 1×4 retrofit LED light fixture installs easily into a standard suspended ceiling, into the troffer of an outdated standard fluorescent light fixture. That’s where the similarities end. Unlike its predecessors, QuickLED® fixtures deliver high quality illumination with extraordinary efficiency. UL, DLC and Lighting Facts listed.

QuickLED® Retrofit Kit 2×4   |   QuickLED® Retrofit Kit 2×2

QuickLED® 1×4 Retrofit Kit

Convex Lens (CV) Delivered Lumens Input Watts Fixture Efficacy
IES File Spec Sheet
QuickLED 76L 7547 83.3 90.6 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 54L 5355 51.6 104 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 48L 4716 43.7 108 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 42L 4229 37.6 113 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 39L 3913 34.1 115 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 32L 3162 27.9 113 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 26L 2535 25.7 99 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
QuickLED 24L 2292 22.5 102 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

Proprietary High Performance Acrylic Lens

Convex Lens

The convex lens finishes the QuickLED® luminaire with a curved, contemporary appearance

QuickLED® Retrofit Kit Features

High Performance – Delivers up to 117 Lumens / Watt

On-Board Logic – Energy & Building Code Compliant 

Multiple Installation Options

Fully Upgradeable

UL, DLC and Lighting Facts listed.

Limited 5-Year Warranty